How to buy and make payments?
Please choose via an online catalog on our website and we will contact you for more information regarding payment details. We use bank transfer and PayPal services in conducting transactions
How long is your production time?
Our production capacity is 100-150 pieces per month and is highly dependent on the diversity of the type you buy. Please contact us for further information.
How do you deliver mirror and how is it cost?
Our product price excluding shipping charges and we will inform you the shipping costs once you select the items you want to buy.

We use Air Freight International cargo to small orders. Delivery time is around 1-2 weeks.
The other way is to use Ocean Freight to the nearest port in your country. This method requires a minimum of two CBM (cubic meters) in each shipment but have a very economic price that is proportional to the price of the products you buy. Two CBM is about our 11-12 pcs large mirror (NL). Some country may be use 3 CBM for minimum shipment order. Delivery time is around 4-6 weeks.

Do you have a minimum order?
We require no minimum order, but the consequences if you order small quantities is the high cost of shipping. We hope you understand this situation considering the type of goods are heavy and fragile.
How do you pack the mirrors?
Each mirror is using carton box, framed / palletized every 4 or 5 pieces for standard size, and framed / palletized every 1 or 2 pieces. Here you can see the picture below.

Can you receive exclusive designs or custom design?
Yes, of course
Please send your design via email, complete with sizes and specifications, then our production team will make it for you. In some businesses we have, customers could have an agreement with us for exclusive design made from you and we will not sell to other customers.

How is your quality control?
We conduct strict quality control from raw materials used, quality of drawing and cutting and assembling. We also perform quality control on every product package to be ship to the customer.

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