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Venetian Mirrors - Why Choose a Venetian Mirror For Your Home

Author : Keith Higginbottom

Adding an elegant Venetian Mirror to your home's decor can provide that imperceptible touch of class to any room. It will be one of the wisest home-furnishing decisions you ever make but care must still be taken as there are literally hundreds of designs now accessible due to the power of the internet.

It is not true, however, that these highly-regarded pieces of genuine craftsmanship are out of the price range of most families. Many Venetian Mirrors are now available for as little as $300 although you can still expect to pay several thousand dollars for the more expensive pieces.

The Venetian mirror has never lost its allure. These masterpieces were first produced in Venice at the beginning of the 16th century, and to this day beautiful Venetian glass mirrors continue to be lovingly made on the island of Murano, for a discerning clientele all over the world.

Venetian glass, renowned through the ages, reached its artistic pinnacle and prosperity in the late 1590s. Although in Venice, references to these mirrors do exist before 1500, it was only after techniques for casting large panes of glass had been perfected that the mirror industry flourished and what artistry blossomed then!

Rococo scroll motifs, flowers, fruiting vines and various leaf designs came alive in products that became known as Venetian Mirrors.

Typically, there are 14 separate stages of crafting in the production of the finished article. The faceting stage alone requires bevelling the glass edges at precise angles. The facets are then cut, one-at-a-time, before they are polished. The result is a mirror unique in its brilliant sparkle as each individual facet catches the light.

After faceting, the piece is then worked on by the true masters of the craft - the designers who artfully create the patterns and edgings by varying degrees of pressure, of angle and of direction. These highly skilled masters engrave the floral designs in an exacting and time consuming process.

Finally, silvering is applied to the glass using a traditional formula to ensure a distinctive reflective brilliance which will last through generations.

Today, decorative mirrors are in huge demand to enhance the overall decor of your home and Venetian Mirrors in particular are widely recognised as being the most elegant.

The Venetian Mirrors Guide [] only stocks the most stylish and luxuriously designed pieces which appeal to the modern-day buyer. Also available are venetian-mirrored cabinets, tables and light fittings, vanity sinks, and hand mirrors.

In summary:

• Attractive, well-made Venetian Mirrors do not have to be overly-expensive

• They will add something extra special to your home's chosen decorative theme

• Their appeal transcends generations having withstood the test of time throughout the centuries.

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