Frequently Asked Questions

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How to make an order?
  • Select your product as desired from our site and Add to Cart to put it in the shopping cart.
  • checkout by clicking the shopping cart logo in the upper right corner and make sure you are logged in by completing the shipping address information
  • An enquiry form containing your product information will appear, send to us and we will response for further shipping costs calculation.
Does the price listed include shipping costs?

Not yet. Prices shown are product prices excluding shipping and other costs such as entry tax in each country

Are all products ready to deliver?

All our products need to be made to order but we have several quantities of finished products ready to be sent. You can see it in the Ready Stock category or through this link.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

There is no minimum order, but if you order in small quantities there is a possibility that shipping costs are more expensive considering the product is fragile so it needs to be wrapped safely with wood that adds weight.

How do you ship this product and how long is the delivery time?
We prefer International Air Freight cargo for small orders or sample. Delivery time is around 1‐2 weeks to your shipping address.
For best and economic way is to use Sea Freight to the nearest port in your country. Delivery time is 3‐4 weeks.
Is there a minimum quantity of products in the shipment?

There is no minimum amount of products for shipping by air, but for shipping by sea there will be a minimum charge of 2 cbm in one shipment; 2 CBM is about our 11‐12 pcs large mirror (H140 cm x W70 cm).

How do you pack the mirrors?

Each mirror is packed using bubble wrap and Styrofoam which is safe in every corner of the box. Packing outside uses wooden pallets with international standards (ISPM certification).

We are very concerned with packaging because this is a very important issue for fragile goods.

What payment options do you accept?

We accept payment methods by bank transfer, PayPal service and Western Uninon. Further information about payment details will be informed by invoice to your email.

Is the payment method by Bank Transfer safe?

Definitely. We have been maintaining trust in doing online business since 2004 and we also hope that from you.

How to guarantee the goods have been ship and payment has been received?

The payment method that we offer is 50% for a down payment and the rest can be paid after we send proof of freight B / L (Bill of Ladding) or AWB (Air Waybill) which informs that the goods have been sent by us.

After all payments are completed, we will send physical documents to you for collection of goods at your local customs.

What if there is damage that occurs when shipping?

In some cases, damage occurs at the edges or frame. Please help identify the damage by sending some photos to us and we will send the damaged parts so that you can make repairs easily.

Severe damage to the main mirror is very rare, but if that happens we can provide the same product for free outside of shipping costs.

How is your quality control ?

We carry out strict quality control from the raw materials used, shape and cutting quality and assembly. Quality control is also carried out on each product before shipment to customers, so that you will get the product with the best results from us.

How big is your production capacity?

Our production capacity is 100‐150 pieces per month and is highly dependent on the diversity of the type you order.

Can you receive exclusive designs or custom design?

Yes, of course.
Please send your design to us, complete with sizes and specifications, then we will make it for you. In some of our orders, you can have an agreement with us about your exclusive designs that we cannot sell to others.

Who is the user of this product?

Anyone can use this product to beautify your interior like home, office, restaurant, hotel or others. You can see our several buyers who have made transactions with us in the following link.

Still have a question?

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